Adverbs of Frequency

games and activities to practice using them

I generally post my blog every Sunday, and happily, this Sunday is no exception! How about you? What regular activities do you look forward to? What daily tasks do you find tedious? How often do you get the chance to take a dip in the sea or listen to your favourite album?

In today’s blog I’ve prepared a set of resources for multiple activities and games to practice using the Present Simple tense with Adverbs of Frequency, in other words, talking about how often we do things. It can get boring simply reciting your daily routine (I normally wake up at 6.30 am etc.) so hopefully these games will make talking about repeated or regular activities a bit more entertaining for learners and teachers alike.

So what delightful downloads are you getting today? Well, as usual there is the grammar summary on adverbs of frequency which gives examples of the adverbs and explains where they should appear in the sentence. Then you’ll find the instructions and teacher’s notes for the various games and activities. The other downloads comprise of all the materials (picture cards, action cards, adverbs of frequency cards and a questionnaire form) you’ll need to carry out these activities and perhaps even invent your own games.

There’s a questionnaire activity which also includes an opportunity to practice you Comparative forms so you might want take another look at my earlier blogs, Your Choice? – Part One and Your Choice – Part 2.


If you try out any of the resources I’ve posted here on my blog I’d love to hear your feedback. You can post comments on the relevant blog page or send a message.

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