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You might feel nostalgic about your school days, or perhaps you’d prefer to forget them entirely. In the fast-moving world we live in our professional and personal needs are constantly changing. Are our schools adapting fast enough to cope with these changes?

In this lesson for Intermediate+ level students they get the chance to share personal experiences of school and their views on education in the discussion and read about one of the world’s most progressive education systems in Finland. There are two versions of the reading lesson, one for adults and one for teenagers (or those still at school).

As the lesson also involves using various conditional forms there is also a very handy conditional forms chart and a practice worksheet that covers all four forms.

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2 thoughts on “School of Thought

  1. The materials on your blog always go straight to the top of my resource list ! My learners enjoy all the lessons ! We wish you success with your blog!

    1. Thanks Eva, that’s great to know!

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