Your Choice? – Part Two

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In this week’s blog you really do get one of the greatest choices with FOUR FABULOUS NEW DOWNLOADS on the Comparative and Superlative forms!

If you want to buy a new coat, a car or a holiday how do you go about choosing the right one? How much do outside influences affect your decision making? Do you go for the cheapest option, the same one as before, or the one your friend told you about?

This week’s reading lesson looks at how we make decisions as customers when we are swamped with so many choices. Plus to get some practice using the various forms of the Comparative and Superlative, you can have some fun presenting statistics using a variety of colourful info-graphics.

Following last week’s post “Your Choice? – Part 1” which looked at the Comparative form, this week we will take things further and also focus on the Superlative form.

In addition to the Comparative and Superlative forms sheet from last week there’s an additional chart with commonly used Comparative and Superlative expressions.

Then, using some colourful Info-graphics on various subjects, students have the opportunity to practice using both forms and their related expressions. Info-graphics are a great resource for this kind of language work and easy to find using any search engine.

Finally there is a reading lesson on Purchase Decision making – perhaps more suited to Business English students as it’s from a marketing angle, though equally relevant to any Intermediate+ level students as it’s about the choices we make and influences we are under when we buy things.

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