Your Choice? – Part One

Comparative Forms

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How many choices have you already made today? From your choice of clothes – “Which top looks better with these trousers?” – to deciding what to eat for lunch – “that BLT sandwich looks tastier, but the salad is a much healthier option” Even if we don’t realise it, we are constantly comparing things to inform our every day decisions.

This lesson focuses on the Comparative form and is suitable for Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate level students (with Intermediate level, if they are already quite familiar with the form you could focus more on the modifiers eg a bit more, slightly better etc.) It’s ideal for group work, but also easily adaptable for one to one lessons.  There are three downloads below: a summary of the Comparative and Superlative forms, an introductory discussion comparing two cities and also another opportunity to practice comparing and stating our preferences on a variety of different activities and situations using picture cards.

As there is a fair amount of discussion involved in this lesson, it’s also a good opportunity to revise the language of agreement and disagreement from the lesson in one of my previous blogs, Inventions – Part One, where you can find a list of useful vocabulary and expressions for this purpose.

Watch out for next week’s blog lesson Your Choice – Part Two which will look at the Superlative form (as well as some comparative practice) exploring how we make choices as consumers.

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