I had a fantastic 12h English course by phone call with Clare Catchpole in early 2018! Clare is a very dynamic teacher always trying to get the best out of her students. She has helped me to feel more confident over the phone and she provided me some very practical tips that I use in my every day life. On top of that oral communication work, Clare helped me with different application files and other written works. After Clare’s intensive training, I’ve been able to enter a prestigious executive-MBA school and I would like to thank her once again for her very effective training. I wish her every success in her future career.

Olivier – France

Hi! I just wanted to say that your materials and resources are AMAZING.
This is my first year teaching high school ESOL (been at the elementary level for years), and your materials and resources are going to save my life this year!!!!!!! Please please please please keep creating materials because they are AWESOME and they are things the kids are actually interested in!!!!!!

Ashley – Savannah, GA, USA

The English lessons with Clare were all very interesting; I made real progress in understanding and speaking in discussions; as the courses went on, I felt more comfortable speaking English; vocabulary and grammar were studied at each lesson, with focus and clarity.
I had a great deal of pleasure working with Clare, who restored my confidence and allowed me, after six months of lessons, to feel more comfortable speaking English.

Anny – France

Clare is a very dynamic & friendly teacher. The lessons were clear and adapted to my needs. Now, I know how to have a conversation: the objective is attained.

Thank you Clare.

Giorgia – France

I am very satisfied with the English lessons given by Clare. She is an excellent trainer and I would gladly recommend her.

Cindy – France

Clare is a positive, diplomatic woman who is committed to her profession and knows how to communicate. She adapted to my level and my needs and helped me considerably to make progress in English! Thanks to her.

Sandra – France

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