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Should You Let Your Dog Sleep with You? 7 Benefits to Consider

Have a kip, a nap, a catnap, a doze, a snooze, a siesta, drift off, drop off, nod off, get some shut eye, get some beauty sleep, take 40 winks, hit the sack, hit the hay, go out like a light, sleep like a baby, sleep like a log, be sound asleep, fast asleep, deep, deep asleep, zzzzzzz…

By the number of slumberous expressions there are, you’d have thought that we are obsessed by sleep. However these days sleep is often seen as a luxury. The reality is that a good night’s sleep is vitally important to our health.

In the blog today are 7 intermediate+ level, slumber-related speaking, listening and reading materials.

First of all, in preparation, there’s a language summary on getting and giving advice . Then an exploration of the language used in the song “I’m only sleeping” by The Beatles. Then an introductory look at the serious health issues: a video lesson on why sleep is important. Going into more detail, there are three reading texts with a presentation activity for each. First of all, advice on how to get a good sleep, followed by a fact sheet on the effects of sleep deprivation, and finally information on why we need to sleep. The grand finale to all this is a set of fantastic pictures of rather original bedrooms with questions for discussion and three different role plays practising using the language of asking for and giving advice

If you use these materials, please share your thoughts! You can post something in the comments section below or send a message. All feedback is most welcome!

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