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Today’s stimulating package of resources will surely provide all the motivation you need to make progress and do wonders with the English language!

First up there is a summary exploring the different uses of the verbs make and do. These very commonly used verbs can easily be confused as in some languages, including Hindi, Italian, French and Spanish, they are both represented by one single verb.

These action verbs are often used to talk about everyday tasks, such as doing the washing up, making coffee, doing your homework etc. so, in order to keep on top of things, there is the Motivation activity sheet and what better place is there to look for inspiration on this front than the TED talks, so there’s a discussion and video activity, rating different TED Talks on the subject.

Sometimes when the “to do list” feels a bit overwhelming it’s time to delegate. In order to persuade people to help, you need to have the right kind of language so there’s a Vocabulary sheet on the language of making Requests and Offers

Then to put all this language into use there’s a game called “The Power of Persuasion” where students try to persuade each other to exchange tasks, using flattery, bribery and generally a bit of smooth talking…

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