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As we are approaching the end of August, for many it means we’ll soon be going “back to school” or at least that the holidays are nearly over. I’ve had a bit of holiday from writing this blog, so I’m gently easing myself back in with this “Holiday” themed speaking lesson with some grammar revision thrown in, an ideal theme for the first lesson back in class.

Obviously this summer hasn’t been very regular in terms of holiday plans. For most people travel has been extremely limited and so in this lesson the focus is more generally on holidays, and gives the opportunity to compare different activities and trips in the past, as well as what we like doing when we’re on holiday and what we don’t enjoy so much about travel.

This lesson is aimed at Pre-Intermediate level – it includes the following areas of post summer holiday revision:

  • preferences/likes/dislikes
  • past tense – regular and irregular forms
  • prepositions of place
  • 2nd conditional

The focus of this lesson should be on speaking and it’s a revision lesson, so don’t spend too much time on the grammar, it’s just to refresh memories rather than go through all the rules in detail.

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3 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Clare ! It’s good to see you back !

  2. Clare, the material is excellent, I love your design and all the tasks that can be derived from there!

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