All About Films II

Yes, there’s a sequel!

Behind the scenes of the media-makers: insider gives tours of ...

Well, I have to say I’m pretty excited about this one, at least I’ve really enjoyed creating and compiling these activities. Perhaps I’m being a bit smug or complacent here (see the exercises PDF below…), but you really should be overjoyed too as you’re going to get SIX PDF DOWNLOADS full of great ideas all for FREE!!

So, if you do happen to use these, I’d really love it if you could send me some feedback. You can post something in the comments section below or send a message.

Last week’s Film blog, “All About Films”, focused on the language to do with the nuts and bolts of film making, that’s to say all the different elements of production; the logistics, the people and the technical aspects of working in the film industry. This week I’ve put together some activities that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing!

Once again, these are aimed at Intermediate+ level students. Whilst much of it is based on group work I think it’s all easily adaptable to one to one lessons as well. These six PDF documents will easily fill three or four lessons with a mix of creative and amusing activities.

The first part gets students talking, describing a scene from a favourite film (or indeed, series) or one they’ve seen recently. Then they look at four different films, working out as much as they can from the original film posters and then videos of the trailers using a list of adjectives provided.

Next there are some exercises which focus on descriptive language – facial expressions, the tone of voice and gesture and actions. As these are quite advanced I’ve even included the answers! All of which will come in very useful for the final stage!

To consolidate all this new descriptive vocabulary, students can have some fun writing and performing their own mini movie scenes… To get started they will be given an opening line which should inspire ideas about the characters, the genre and plot and they can have a lot of fun writing and rehearsing their own scene.

I really hope you have some fun with these!

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  1. Great! Job! Enjoy It ! I want The PDF to study.From Brazil

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