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While we’re confined indoors, one of the best means of escape is watching films. In today’s blog we’ll look at some of the vocabulary we use when talking about the film industry and film-making in general. These resources are aimed at Intermediate+ level students.

I’ve written a guide to the language of film-making, “All About Films”, which, as well as including lots of essential film-related vocabulary, gives learners an opportunity to share their thoughts on the subject along the way.

Once you’ve looked at that and checked any new words you’re not familiar with, there are some exercises on some of the vocabulary covered in the text.

Finally there’s the chance for learners to make a short presentation, with the choice of speaking about a film they love, a film they would like to see, or a film they would like to make themselves. The idea here is that they don’t tell anyone which of the above options they’ve chosen so when they make the presentation the rest of the class can guess which one they chose.

In the current situation where lessons are given online, I would recommend that this presentation could be done as homework where the students each make their own video presentation which they could put on – an excellent platform for students to share their work.


If you try out any of the resources I’ve posted here on my blog I’d love to hear your feedback. You can post comments on the relevant blog page or send a message.

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