Christmas Present, Past & Future!

A Wonderful Christmas Present for English Teachers

I realise this is a little bit late, the Christmas holidays are nearly here! My apologies, but it’s been a busy time for me, but better late than never!

Following the last blog I shared which featured infographics made on as a collaborative class project, I got some great feedback. So I decided to get festive with Canva again! This resource pack I’m sharing here is based on some materials I created a couple of years ago, but now with a lot of extra activities and definitely looking far more beautiful thanks to Canva!

Not for young children

First of all, although they are bright and colourful, it’s important to say that these resources are not for young children, especially not those of an age where they still believe in Father Christmas.

The materials are for Intermediate+ level students. They are based around a text which gives the historical & cultural background to many of the Christmas traditions, most of which started in pre-Christian times and still continue in many households today.  (including the history of Santa Claus/Father Christmas). Most of these traditions started in pre-Christian times and still continue in many households today.

The Contents

The language activities are aimed at revising the present, past and future forms – including the present perfect! There is a collaborative timeline activity, various discussion questions and an elfin roleplay. This adds up to quite a lot more than one lesson, so either you can pick out the parts that are most suitable to your class, or make it a project over two or three lessons.

The package includes

  • Student Handout with Activities
  • Reading Text handout
  • Christmas Traditions Timeline (online template – see answer key, and printable PDF version)
  • Teacher’s notes
  • Answer key

I’ve worked very hard to pull this all together and make it all beautiful, so I’d really appreciate your feedback – also…

Your support

All of these resources are free for you to download, but as you can imagine they have taken me many hours of time and much careful effort to create. By donating (you can select the amount) you will be helping me to continue to add more fabulous, high quality resources for all to use. Please click on the button below to make a one off donation:

Many thanks for your support!

Download your Christmas Present, Past & Future here!

Click the red button for the complete resource files

Here are the separate PDF files:

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