Make Your Own Infographic Revisited

Collaborative online class project with Canva

Just recently the English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg invited me to write an article about the joys of using Canva as a teacher as well as sharing my resources for the collaborative online project. I first posted about this project in July 2022, so for this article I decided to improve and add to the resources pack.

I’m delighted to share the Create Your Own Infographic article which I wrote for the ELTABB Connections Blog. For teachers who are not already familiar with using Canva, it includes a step by step guide to creating an Infographic.

For teachers who already enjoy using Canva, you’ll find all the resources for the 4 lesson online project here to download.

Project Resources

The project is aimed at Intermediate+ level online students and will require between 4-6 hours of lesson/homework time. The lesson plan (four lessons of 1 hour) has details on how to prepare for the project, including a YouTube playlist with an interesting selection of TED-Ed short animated “history of” videos that can be used as the source of information for the infographic.

The idea is that students use English throughout the collaborative process when working as a group and to this end you may wish to prepare and focus them on the sort of language they should use in advance of the project. For this purpose you can prepare the students in advance of the project with the Language for Collaboration vocabulary document and the Dialogue cards for practice.

The Skateboarding video lesson with infographic could also be a good way to introduce the idea of how to take information from a short video and condense it into short texts for an infographic.

There are three student handouts. The first is a set of guidelines for creating a good Infographic. Then there is an infographic for Collaboration Strategies. Finally there is the student handout infographic with the steps the students need to follow during the project.

Download complete project resources file here:

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