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First of all, I hope you are all well and staying safely at home.

Right now with the COVID19 lockdown, there is so much uncertainty as all kinds of plans and projects have had to be cancelled or postponed, and nobody knows how long this situation will continue.

To help learners talk about this strange “new” future, in today’s blog I’m sharing two grammar summaries, one looking at using the present tenses for the future and the other looking at the uses of will or be going to. Then, once these summaries have been studied and practiced you can check that you remember the rules by filling in the future form rule chart. There’s also a revision to really check you’ve understood and speaking practice to use the future forms in different contexts.

There are many questions concerning life during the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly our predictions, where these future forms can be utilised. Here are some ideas:

  • How are you going to spend your day tomorrow?
  • Are you going to make any changes in your apartment/house?
  • Are you planning to take up a new hobby or start studying something new?
  • How long do you think the lock-down will last in your country?
  • What is the first thing you will do when the lock-down finishes?
  • What do you think will change when you go back to work?
  • When will schools reopen? Will homeschooling continue as well as regular classes?
  • What is going to be the biggest problem in the region you live?
  • Are there any “silver linings” – good things that are going to come out of this crisis in the future?


If you try out any of the resources I’ve posted here on my blog I’d love to hear your feedback. You can post comments on the relevant blog page or send a message.

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