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Well, actually it’s Christmas Present Simple and Continuous… Sorry if that’s a disappointment to you, but I’m sure that all every good English student really wants for Christmas is to master the use of these two present tense forms.

To help you on your way, below you’ll find a helpful Present Simple & Continuous chart which compares the two present forms with examples of their different uses. Plus you get today’s speaking lesson which practices using the simple and continuous, presenting yourself and your company in a role play activity on creating your own company and giving a tour of your company premises.

This lesson is ideal for small groups of an intermediate level but also easily adaptable for one to one use. I originally prepared it for a Business English group, but it could be fun for any enterprising students who can imagine starting up their own company. It could be anything from a touring ballet company to an estate agents, you choose! There’s a vocabulary section to help prepare your ideas.

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