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Take a look at all these Amazing Free Resources!

I’ve just updated the Express Yourself in English Resources Page so there are even more FREE materials for you to download.

If you haven’t visited the Resources Page before you’re in for a real treat, it’s full of free PDF downloads on all kinds of great topics, with speaking and writing activities, video lessons, reading tasks, grammar explanations and exercises. Plus you can download complete files of all of these by topic. Most materials are for Intermediate level and above.

The new entries include projects, lessons, activities together with teachers notes/answers from my previous blog posts on Topic Requests from some of my teenage students on Sports Cars, the Environment and change, Skateboarding and Make your own Infographic.

Your support

All of these resources are free for you to download, but as you can imagine they have taken me many hours of time and much careful effort to create. By donating (you can select the amount) you will be helping me to continue to add more fabulous high quality resources for all to use. Please click on the button below to make a one off donation:

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