Simple Pleasures Revisited

a fresh look at an old worksheet

Photo by Clare Catchpole

Having just completed an excellent online course “Creating and Writing your own ELT Materials” from Oxford University, lead by John Hughes, I’m back to blogging full of ideas! To start with I’m very happy to present my first worksheet using my newly found knowledge. We were asked to create a two page worksheet using the criteria for effective materials that we’d learned about and come up with over the course of the three weeks. This is a slightly longer 3 page version I created following some really helpful editorial notes from John Hughes.

If the title looks familiar it’s because this worksheet is a revised version (in fact it’s almost completely different!) of one I shared nearly 2 years ago – feel free to take a look at the original Simple Pleasures blog. I feel like my materials have improved quite a lot since then, and this latest course on materials writing has helped me hugely. As always I’ll be very grateful for your feedback.

Simple Pleasure – Worksheet & Teacher’s Notes

Level:                       B1+

For:                         Teenagers or adults

Length:                  90 minutes

Language:              Zero conditional with “when” & present simple, vocabulary for describing senses/feelings


  • Speaking descriptively about experiencing things with the 5 senses.  
  • Reading skills: Identifying forms in sentence structure.
  • Critical thinking: How we can appreciate small things more through being aware of our different senses.

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