Inventions – Part Two

Crazy Patents

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If you were an inventor what kind of problem would you try to solve? What sort of device or contraption might you create? This week you can take a look at some rather interesting creations which have been patented.

Following up from last week’s blog: Inventions – Part One, this intermediate+ level speaking & reading lesson continues on the same theme, this time looking at some rather unusual Patents that really exist. Students can study diagrams and try to decide what they think the patent is for and what problem it solves and give a score for each one before matching them with the actual descriptions. Having been inspired by these fantastic ideas it’s then up to the students to come up with their own inventions and make them as bizarre as they like…


As a group activity this lesson is another chance to practice the language of agreement and disagreement from the previous lesson as it will involve discussing their ideas and opinions on each patent. Also using third person present simple form to describe the functions of each patent which also provides an opportunity to practice modals of speculation such as could, might, may, should, shouldn’t, must, can’t when talking about the possible or probable purposes and actions of each invention.

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