Elevator Pitch Lesson

The idea of an Elevator Pitch is to prepare a short and persuasive introduction of about 30-45 seconds long, so that when you have the opportunity to meet someone professionally, you can present yourself, your services or products confidently and concisely.

Preparing an Elevator Pitch is a really useful process for Business English students (and teachers!) to go through in order to practice the language of introducing yourself and describing the different qualities, experience, skills, as well as the products and services you provide.

I recently completed the FutureLearn Teaching English Online course (Cambridge Assessment English) which I thoroughly recommend for teachers who currently are teaching, or plan to teach online: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/online-tutoring/

As part of the course, participants are encouraged to share their ideas and this Elevator Pitch lesson plan was one of my contributions which I’ve modified so it can be used in both face to face or online teaching:



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