My first blog

It has taken me such a long time to decide what to do for this first blog. I can now reveal what I finally came up with…

For English learners, there are two documents at the end; one with exercises on the poem and the other with language notes (which should answer all the exercises!)

My First Blog

What shall I do for my first teaching blog?
So many choices, my head's in a fog
Perhaps I should ask for some advice
A few helpful suggestions would be very nice.

I really need to make a good first impression
I know! I'll do something with idiomatic expressions
I’ll hit the nail on the head, it’ll be a piece of cake!
But now I’m making a meal of it for its own sake.
Then there’s grammar which can get rather tedious
You'd probably prefer to read a set of encyclopedias.
Why have rules when they keep getting broken?
And all those irregular verbs like speak, spoke, spoken.
With pronunciation, there’s plenty of stuff
Though perhaps I haven’t thought this through enough.
However conscientious and thorough you might be
Spellings are a nightmare; they don’t sound like what you see.
Topics? How about current affairs to provoke discussion?
But these days to give an opinion can have serious repercussions...
Technology and science aren’t exactly self-explanatory
Some people are put off when you talk interplanetary.
Never mind the subject, what format should I choose?
So many options but which gets the most views?
I could make a video, wouldn't that be cool
But I can't help feeling I'd look like a fool.
A picture paints a thousand words, so they say
So how many words would a GIF portray?
I could have written a short story or a funny anecdote,
But in the end, this silly bit of verse is actually what I wrote.
Well, after all that, I'm nearly done.
Whatever you think, at least for me it's been fun
And as for the contents of Blog No. 2
I've got no idea, how about you?

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