Express Yourself in English offers One to One lessons which are tailored to the needs of each student. There are several different courses on offer, however the precise aims and objectives of each course, including any particular areas of language the student wishes to focus on, will be agreed during the first couple of lessons and they can be reassessed at any time during the course.

The main areas of focus during the lessons:

  • Confidence in speaking & listening
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Improving Pronunciation
  • Grammar essentials in practice

Speaking and understanding are the most crucial aspects of learning a language, so these will be the priority during lesson time unless the learner specifically wants to focus on reading or writing.

Ideally the student should be prepared to do some homework between lessons, for example reading comprehension or written work. This will not only speed up the learning process but also allows the focus to stay on speaking during lessons.

All lessons will be taught only in English; therefore, it is recommended that the student has at least an elementary level of English to start with.


Once you get in contact with Express Yourself in English you can arrange a free 20 minute trial lesson either by Skype or by phone call. Simply send a message to schedule a time.


Skype and Zoom are excellent communication tools and perfect for learning English from home or at your workplace at your convenience. As well as having live video conversation, the teacher can write notes on screen as you speak with corrections or new vocabulary. It is also very easy to share videos, MP3s and documents during the lesson. If you don’t already have Skype or Zoom on your tablet or computer the applications are free and easy to download and subscribe.

Each lesson will be followed up by an email with notes including new vocabulary, grammar and corrections. There will also be some optional reading, listening or written work in preparation for the following lesson.


Phone lessons are ideal for people on the move. All you need is your phone, a quiet space and a good network connection. Phone lessons are suited to people with a good grounding of English (recommended intermediate or above). It is much more of a challenge speaking over the phone in another language without any visual help so regular phone lessons will boost your confidence in speaking and comprehension greatly.

The focus of the phone call will be on speaking so each lesson will be followed up by an email* with notes from the lesson including new vocabulary and grammar and corrections as well as some optional reading, listening or written work in preparation for the following lesson.

* with the exception of the Conversational English course, where corrections will be given during the lesson but not by email.


Available in Nice, France only

For anyone living in Nice I can teach at your home or work place.

During the lesson, the focus will be on speaking and oral comprehension exploring new vocabulary, and revising and practicing grammar. There will also be some reading, listening or written work given each lesson as homework: For maximum progress, students are encouraged to practice their English as regularly as possible.

Teaching Materials and Resources

All course materials will be provided by the teacher unless the student requests otherwise.

Types of Materials used:

  • Topics for speaking activities with vocabulary
  • Audio recordings for listening comprehension
  • Videos for comprehension and discussion
  • Written texts for comprehension
  • Grammar practice worksheets

Having access to materials from a variety of sources such as magazine articles, interviews, videos, songs and short stories helps students to become familiar with a variety of styles of English and acquire a broader vocabulary.

Express Yourself in English Blog

Each week there are new posts by Clare on the Blog Page which include downloadable English Learning/Teaching resources which she has created. These are mostly aimed at Intermediate+ level students and they include free downloadable PDF files with grammar explanations, reading and speaking activities, and games.

You can also find all these resources in the “Resources Archive” where the files are in categories to make it easier to find what you need.

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